Some Bridges are Worth Burning Up …Snapshot_004

It was that moment of instant recognition.  What had eluded her for so long, that which she could not understand  stood there, right in front her eyes, like an iluminated mirror along the path that she now needed to take.

Courageously  she lifted the  dark veil that corrupted the deep  recesses of her consciousness with confusion and otherwordly attachment.   Her understanding was now clear, precise, exact, correct and in the moment.

Snapshot_001 2

She took the only way out that she could find just as that particular door opened and went thru it swiftly right after burning up the bridges behind her in order to make sure that she would never go down that path again.

Surprisingly, a deep sense of accomplishment invaded her as her body was washed in delectable pleasure.  She had finally conquered herself and was now free to roam the…

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