Countdown´s Majestic Gown is now available in Black …


Preparing for the upcoming season of debutante balls, my father had arrived from overseas with a bag full of long gowns for me.    Very formal in essence, they did not seem to fit my personality which had a tendency (as it does now) towards bohemian chic.

Excited I opened the bags and  looked at the gowns.   Rolling my eyes around in plain disgust I almost choked at the possibility of being seen with one of those in public.   But he had taken the care to purchase them fully accessorized already.

At my Mother´s urging  I tried one on.  It was a black halter, wrap around gown with sequined details over embroidery that exposed the full of my leg as I walked.    I tried on the jewelry set while my Mother pulled my hair up … surprise, surprise !!! …  all of a sudden I was walking…

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