Trying to Touch the Stars

It’s Monday and I am quasi-betwixt high-gravity and mellow…..

an chailín álainn

Trying to Touch the StarsOutfit: Zibska, Libby **Avenue Fashion Week* . Hairs: Vanity Hair: Ma Belle . Hat: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Cube Crown . Stockings: Bax .

It’s Monday and I am quasi-betwixt high-gravity and mellow. It’s one of those silly dating anniversary’s I suppose. Love is such an invisible yet tangible force of nature isn’t it? It’s tendrils wrap tightly about your heart, sometimes squeezing just a little too tightly, other times you hardly feel the weight there, it just is. I’ve learned a few things over the years about love, you don’t date this long and not do so, thats for sure. I think the most important life love lesson that has touched me as I have aged is; though true love is unconditional, a healthy, loving relationship is always conditional. There should always be boundaries to which each partner dare not tread, a partnership of forward motion and helpfulness, not a smothering…

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