SLF by Landa Crystal




I know what you are thinking  this dress is slightly reminiscent of a straight jacket and … maybe …  that´s why I like it so much.

It reminds me of one I actually had in RL – not a straight jacket, a dress LOL –  It had the same clasps in pale yellow.

In spite of the flashback, I find this dress very  sexy even though its covered all the way up to the neck.

It makes me feel like a modern day Eddie (sans drugs thank you very much!)  So much so that I allowed my Avi to have a cig a la circa 1960s.


Styling Info

Dress & Boots – Kunglers FW Look 02 at Avenue Retail Gallery (for Fashion Week)

Earrings – Lush Adria Vintage Morantique

Place:  ZenziBar





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