For The First Time…..

For The First Time 24So much news to tell you all about, firstly I would love to tell you I have decided to help with Urworld! Urworld has been a huge success with our Flickr Page, This Blog and our Inworld Group where you are free to post about your personal blogs or stores/events. I really wanted to help with Urworld because It was the first group Blog I was accepted into and I love watching peoples posts.

Anyway enough about that….Have you heard the news? The 24 Event opens this Friday! This beautiful dress I am wearing is an exclusive for the Event made by Masoom. I love it so much becuase its completely mesh and also has a option to wear Lola’s with it! Ok so I was not a fan of Lola’s, really really I wasnt but well my friend Miele convinced me otherwise, how tasteful they can look when not sized to big and how it gives us ladies pretty curves. Heres the link to all info on the 24 Event: 24 Website

Calendar of Events for 24 Event

FRIDAY AUGUST 23rd, 2013
12-1pm SL The 24 Mens Fashion Show
1-3pm SL Siren Productions Opening Party
6-8pm SL KMADD Industry Party

12-1pm SL Gabriel Fashion Show
1-3pm SL AVENUE Industry Party
6-7pm SL The 24 Womens Fashion Show

SUNDAY August 25th, 2013
12-1pm SL LivGlam Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Hush Skins Fashion Show
7-9pm SL DesigningSl Industry Party

MONDAY August 26th, 2013
12-1pm SL Pure Poison Fashion Show
4-5pm SL Katie Keres Sings Live
6-8pm SL Moulin Rouge Party
Featuring: The Basilique Burlesque Troupe

TUESDAY August 27th, 2013
12-1pm SL Legal Insanity Fashion Show
4-5pm SL Shasta Soulstar Sings Live
6-8pm SL Adonis Heights Radio Live from The 24

WEDNESDAY August 28th, 2013
12-1pm SL Clef De Peau Fashion Show
1-3pm SL Arcade Magic Party
4-5pm SL Katie Keres Sings Live

THURSDAY August 29th, 2013
1-3pm SL Adonis Heights Radio Live from The 24
4-5pm SL Jacqueline Luik Sings Live
6-8pm SL The Nest Industry Party

FRIDAY August 30th, 2013
12-1pm SL The 24 Womens Fashion Show
4-5pm SL David Paravane Sings Live
6-7pm SL The 24 Mens Fashion Show

SATURDAY August 31st, 2013
12-1pm SL Gizza Creations Fashion Show
1-3pm SL GA Industry Party
6-8pm SL Big Top Closing Party
Featuring: Chang High Sisters

Want Theese Items:

Dress: Cella Gown from Masoom (24 Exclusive Item)

Hair: Winternight in Flames from Emo-tions

Jewels: Urban Glam from Finesmith

Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up

Nails: Glitter Colors for Slink Hands from MUA