Real Tears Don´t Dry

SLF by Landa Crystal

And other Urban Legends ….


My new friend and neighbor BLG (not his real name) told me today that the owner of the hand I had (apparently) cut off must have died a happy man.

As I appreciated the black humored compliment, I also wondered if indeed there was ever a  possibility of such happy  endings  (severing ties, parting ???!!! ) without tears or suffering.

The answer for me is that in due time all things come to and end, and although we can certainly go without drama, if the ride was a good one –  like mine was – there will always be tears laced with gratefulness and a pinch of regret.

…Oftentimes the most torrential tears are the ones shed unseen upon a dry wishing well….

Dedicated to all those who love especially my friend Nat.

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Dress (hand is included) :  Toga by .shi


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