Can One Ever Go Back Home?

Loovus Dzevavor !

SLF by Landa Crystal


She sat down to rest under one of the many trees near the glenn.   Exhausted from all the recent drama,  she fell into a quiet deep sleep.   The dream world embraced and wrapped her into its loving arms where she accommodate herself snuggly.

She saw herself entering her old home, but the place looked utterly unfamiliar.   All her things where there but the structure of the house had drastically changed.   Was it because of the many years she had been away?  Is this the cause of  her confusion or is  this really not at all  her old family home?

She went about the different cold an empty  rooms and saw a sign on one of the musty old walls that read ¨LIVE.¨      Was she alive at all or was she a mere figment of someone else`s imagination?   Was the sign a clue…

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