Precious Shorts (cuts)


SLF by Landa Crystal

Has it ever happened to you ?   You know it in your heart.  You feel it is your fate.  You have instant recognition and perhaps because of this you try to cut to the chase and grab it.

Ignoring the necessary steps to get there you reach out too soon because you believe you already know the outcome.   We get surprised when it does not work.  We were so sure …

The thing is that  in spite of the feeling of belonging  we  still have to pay our dues.   Take it slow, think ahead and let it be.   Feel the love.  Taste the agony.  Know the bliss.  Touch the  sorrow.

Standing bravely against the odds, you look at love in the eye and trying your best not to run away you walk the road come what may.

Then and only then, do things have a tendency…

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