At His Majesty´s Service


SLF by Landa Crystal

Spirituality In the Virtual World  …

Coming from a family in which its members practice a vast array of religious denominations, I had at age 11 chosen the middle of the road for myself.   That is non-extremist and non religious, peaceful, loving and deeply spiritual.   In my mind the Supreme Being is indefinable by our mere mortal minds yet the evidence to His/Her existence is undeniable all around us.

Sitting in front of my computer, the night fell on me like a thick dense veil of darkness.  Grief filled my heart and all I could think of was the incredible hopelessness and despair some individuals experience when they fail to identify the Light within and succumb to the  false idea that sin  irreversibly casts us away from the Supreme Being´s presence making us forever bad and tainted, when in fact what it makes us is … sad.  Terribly sad…

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