Roots …

SLF by Landa Crystal

When I spotted AntoniaXP ´s newest creation for Countdown (her brand), I loved the red double breasted coat in red.

What never occurred to me was that for some unexpected reason,  the coat made me feel like going back to my roots.

Ehrmmmm yes, you guessed right;  my red roots that is.

You see, even though I am a blond now, when I first came to SL I was a redhead and now I can´t remember the reason why I changed.

In RL my hair has naturally fluctuated since childhood from – hahaha- bald , to blonde, to  strawberry blonde – almost flaming red – to summer blonde,  to dirty ash blond,  and just very recently to a very dark brown/reddish  blonde.   My father always calling me the ¨redhead¨.  The reason for the fluctuation? … no idea … if you do know please let me know.

Anyway, you see…

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