Dark Winter Colors

¨I have to go to RL¨ … He said after a while … ¨but I am glad that you are no longer sad… ¨

Identifying that  people need to posses,  I felt saddened.    When had I become just an object that anybody could posses?

Caught between my past and my future, I felt an overwhelming need to talk to my brother Tem; my confidante and sibling,  but I dared not contact him.

I did not want to bother him again with my ramblings.   Then the bell rang and it was him … ¨Hey sister, want to talk? ¨  

Tem seems to have a sixth sense.  He knows when something´s up with me and even if he can not spare the time he will let me know he cares.   He has a knack for simplifying everything for me and for setting me back on the straight and narrow path.

Meanwhile my friend Adryan, an uncomplicated Spaniard,  sensed my anguish and took me dancing to Gol´s Element 8.

We kept on crashing…

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