A Love Survey …

SLF by Landa Crystal

Chiaroscuro, the renaissance drawing technique.  It makes me think about the past and the present, the good and the bad.   The loved and unloved.

How many people have you loved?

If you no longer love them, does it mean that the love was a mirage or did it really do exist?

If you ask me today how many  I ´ve loved, I would not count the one who, at the age of 13, made me suffer for a whole year.     Yet, for an entire year of my existence, I found it difficult to live without the ¨ older man¨ of – just – 16.

Does it mean that I never really loved him?   Or is it really that I loved him with a 13 year old heart; so that  my current definition of love,  having expanded and deepened, can no longer include him in the lucky club…

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