Remember The Unfair Witch Trials of Both Women and Men … Happy Irish New Year !

In The Name Of Knowledge … Blessed Be !

SLF by Landa Crystal

Too ignorant to distinguish between evil and the search for knowledge, they killed thousands and thousands of them.   Beheaded, burnt or sacrificed to the deities of fear and obscurity to appease their appetite for control and mass manipulation.  But still  their legacy remains in the form of the thinking woman.  The ¨Witchy-Baitch¨ feared by many yet desired by men.

Oh! how boring a life without her … the strong precursor of every emancipated female and the terror of patriarchal society.  On Samhain´s  Eve ( literally ¨End of Summer¨- The Celtic or Irish New Year )  we remember all those who paved the way and who were unjustly sacrificed.

Styling Info

Eye Make Up, Body Stocking, Long Skirt and Hat – Innuendo Witch.  10L Promo !

Belt – Lelutka

Boots – SyS part of Kiinya Outfit at Avenue Cinque

Fur neck, shoulders and wrists – Miamai. Part of Rure Hunt…

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