SLF by Landa Crystal

If ¨Matchy-Matchy¨ has a tendency to come in an out of style, I have a feeling that Maci !  the brand created by Sakira Mirabella and her business partner Magia Emolite, might be here to stay.    Sakira´s latest confection called ¨Daily¨ comes in thee different color combinations.

¨Embroidered¨, comes with the top I am wearing above along with taupe colored  dress pants in Mongoose.     ¨Daisy¨ comes in a combination  blue Pants  with a silky top in red, blue and green and ¨Orange¨ , with a citrusy dégradée  top and matching pants.

The beauty of the outfit lies in its simplicity but also in the way in which you can match and mismatch them creating different combinations as well as on the versatility of the top which can be worn baring your midriff as shown above of with the tiers included, giving you endless options.

Try them…

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