A well dressed sugar zoombie !

SLF by Landa Crystal

Lush Limited has done it again.    I just don´t want to wear anything else right now.    I ´ve been going from one color to another in the same style. Lush * Limited Huh Dress.   A  mini-sweater dress that manages to be sexy without showing any body part other  than your thighs.   It made me feel very 60s so I teamed it up with fishnet stockings, Hippy hair and a modern equivalent (free btw) of a go-go boot.

The baroque print of the dress gives its deceptively demure appearance an air of dark sexiness that is perfect to wear this month.

Speaking about this month, the Candy Tray by Madizm is perfect for all those Trick or Treaters.   You can leave it outside your door and have them click on the tray for a rain of awesome candy all around.  No need to worry about the…

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