Tres Beau joins in to help Masai Mara

Tres Beau “Serengeti” one of the incredible offerings at Masai Mara

Join Tres Beau Designs on the African Savannah for amazing African themed designs benefiting Mama Tunza’s Children’s Home in Kenya.

Masai Mara LM:

“MASAI MARA, the Solidarity Store”. This store is made to sell designs at fair price to benefit the Miss Tunza Project in Nairobi, Kenya. This event is unique because we will not be asking for any money up front to participate. This will be a fee free event where your creations are what will drive the contributions. We hope that this will encourage you to make items which will be of your best quality to reflect your generosity toward this charitable organization.

The Solidarity Store is open from September 1st to September 30th.

Tres Beau’s Arusha, shown with Kungler’s “Divinae” and the Tres Beau “Dotia” hat

MAMA TUNZA. Mama Tunza’s children’s home in Kenya was started in 1988 when the founder, Mary Khasakhala, found an infant dumped in a road side drain. Filled with compassion she decided to adopt the baby. This gave birth to a lifelong passion and desire to start a children’s home. Mama Tunza, as she likes to be called, has been at the fore front of advocating for the rights of children. The home started with an infant but has grown to have about 200 children who live at the Centre. Mama Tunza takes care of their well being. Most of them are orphans of HIV/AIDS or come from single parent homes.The home accommodates and provides for these children entirely through donations. KIBERA YOUTH INITIATIVE has taken MAMA TUNZA as one of their projects you can read more at: