Diktator Dares!

Hello loves, today I am going to show off a pair of shoes that I try to wear with every outfit and trust me, you ladies know what I mean!  That “OMG-I-MUST-HAVE” pair of shoes that you would sell your house for?  Well I found mine and they are the “DARE Horseshoe Sandals” from DIKTATOR! Not only did I get lucky to be one of their bloggers but USERMANE RESIDENT really dove into my dreams and pulled out these wonderful creations!

Now you are asking yourself why are these so special? Well I’ll tell you..

• 21 color schemes for the FATPACK • 20 nail polishes •  3 options for the METAL PARTS – GOLD – SILVER – BRONZE •  5 Skin Textures – 2Pale/1Tan/2Dark •  resize menu •  walk sound •  10 slots to save 10 different skin tones..

It is the perfect all around shoe!  I chose Black and White because you cant go wrong with a good stand-by AND you can make the hell disappear but dont let that stop you- Get over to DIKTATOR today and see what color draws you!  Also if you have any questions, please contact MENTALKAOS AKINA who is in charge of Customer Service!

Diram– Cheryl white/ –DIKTATOR “DARE” Horseshoe Sandals/ –MG GoGo Disk earrings/ –MANDALA nails