Discovering Charltina’s

So the other day, I’m working on my blog when I hear this “ping” go off in the background. I open it up and see someone in the Starwalkers Chat looking for bloggers.Well, we know I’m always up for a good challenge and after about an hour of conversation, Lady Charltina Christensen and I hit it off like a charm. Sending me a few items to blog, today I picked out the lovely Lilac Lilla gown

Two reasons…ok 3 really….

1….I’m a hat junkie, we all know this! I cant pass up an outfit with a killer hat!


and 2….

my goddaughter in real life is named Lilla. Spelled the same way and everything.


3….its PURPLE!!

This cute little number, complete with Parasol is just too darn adorable. I pulled the hat and parasol off and wore this just as a dress to a casting and had people asking where I got it because it was just cute with its marabou feathers and short skirt.


So here’s your link to Charltina’s