Just kidding, hehehe I don’t have paparazzi. Well other than a Dragon who likes to stalk me all the time. But honestly, I’ve just wanted to wear this kick arse mask for a long time. Oh! and trying something new, throwing in a microblog every once in a while. Just trying to save you from constant Ear pollution, I’m kinda green that way! ❤

Outfit 1:

Hat: La Gyo

Hairs: Tuty’s, Mathilda Bob Hair,

Mask: Oh Mai Groucho Mask, –.– couldn’t find a SLURL, I think I picked this up at a previous Chic event, and I think they hit Zombie Popcorn every once in a while.

Dress: Ison, Shift Blazer,  Chic Management Vintage Fair! get there before it’s all gone

Bag: *LpD*, Shopping Bag  **New**   and so Cool!

Boots: Maitreya, Radical Boots

Jewelry:  LaGyo, Macula bracelet, Domi Bellique Necklace

POSE: Del May