SL FIERCE Magazine Casting


SL Fierce Magazine is the newest mag to hit the grid. Owned by Binaca Adder and Sessie16. We aim to bring desingers in the limelight who arent as well known by beautiful photos and Models.

Date: August 4 (Saturday), 6pm SLT  &  August 6 (Monday), 10am SLT

Please only attend one of the castings.

Casting Theme: Fierce

We like to see you incorporate “fierce” in your styling.  You could pick your own style i.e. casual chic, business, formal, boho, etc, anything that best represent you but remember it has to look and feel FIERCE.

As the casting is for our magazine, please also come prepare with 3 to 5 best poses that will showcase your style and ensemble like you would pose for prints, hence editorial poses are absolutely acceptable.

You will need to be prims perfect.  Also, no poses that stretch the texture on the clothing, nor distorting your body or the clothing.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the casting time and be DVC ready.  Walk order will be given out at the time of the casting.

We look forward to seeing you.  It will be fun!

p/s: You may use any makeup to express your styling, just remember to send in your faceshot in the format of the attached notecard to Sessie16 Resident by 12PM Saturday.

SL CASTING NOTECARD (Copy and Paste on Notecard Inworld)




Named your picture <YOUR FULL SL NAME_Faceshot> and include your faceshot below.

Note: Faceshot doesn’t have to be professionally taken or processed but it has to be face front, close up and clear. Do use basic makeup, hair and simple styling that allow us to see your face clearly.

Thank you for your time and efforts in casting with us.  We hope you will have fun.