Alright, alright, I know that this “Hope for Emilia” is serious business, its purpose is to help people who, to no fault of their own, were recently devastated by a series of Earthquakes, but I’m notoriously me, I can’t help myself, I was born that way! When I was opening the different boxes and packages of items being offered by designers at the “Hope for Emilia” event,  I was in awe of so many of the designs, creations that these designer’s painstakingly created for free, because 100% of the sale of the product goes to this charity. But you know how once in a blue moon you find hidden in some dusty corner a creation you just fall in love with? Well, I had my blue moon just the other day.

When I opened the box from Riri Bazar’s H.M.A.E.M, I remarked to Riri, that she had created earrings and a head band of little Cao’s! What a great smile this one item gave to me, I actually wore it with two outfits and then decided someone was going to smack me (Draakje) if I didn’t take it off for my next blog.  I know, it’s very similar to when I fell in love with my Cow chair, no one understands me. –.– Dragons are rigidly inflexible when it comes to fashion, so though I still wear it every day at home, I am only wearing “The Dolls” in this blog. I guess, if I have to.

These really groovy shorts “Heather Hot Pants” are the offering of Leezu Baxter of Leezu!  They are mesh, lightly pinstriped and in all ways fit to perfection. I actually love the fit so much I ran down to the store and purchased them in another color for an upcoming article in Trend Magazine. They are easily dressy or casual, so they play well both dressing up with a jacket or down with a tank. You have to love a “can’t miss” item you can add to your inventory for quick styling for meetings and things that at the same time is giving a gift to others. Win-Win!

This last dress, despite the playful headband and earrings, is positively glam! The Miss Darcy “Baroque Rouge” is a sophisticated slim cut gown in a gorgeous floral design. A dress for a glamorous woman, you know the sort, I envision them being the life of some elegant cocktail party, the woman surrounded by men who throws her neck back when she laughs, showing a graceful line of neck and shoulder. Actually the kind who probably wouldn’t wear a “dolls” headband with the dress, but what can I say, there is no excuse for an unrepentant me.

So with these new peeks at what can be yours, and the knowledge that you can so simply help others while gifting yourself, I hope you have wandered over and picked up items for your own unique wardrobes! Muwah! Have a beautiful week! I’ve had so much fun, I’ve even included the taxi for you!

HMAEM at Emilia

Leezu! at Emilia

Miss Darcy at Emilia

HOPE FOR EMILIA is an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fundraise for the victims of earthquakes in Emilia, Italy. Also exciting is the Art Exhibition to take place beginning on August 3rd, at which artistic creations from the grid’s most accomplished artists will be on display and available for purchase.


For more information, please visit the following sites:

Hope for Emilia

Emilia-Romagna Donation Site





•Sat. July 21st at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Bloggers and Press

• Sun. July 22nd at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Public – LM’s will be sent

• Sun. July 29th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show I Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Fri. August 3rd at 1.00 pm slt Art Expo Opening

• Sun. August 5th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show II Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Thurs. August 9th at 1.00 pm slt Closing Party