It seems Second Life is a lot emptier these days. Everyone is off celebrating holidays and things, enjoying the weather, having fun. I miss my facebook, flickr friends and blog friends the most, I think. Inworld most people ignore me and let me go about my hermit ways, but here, and on Facebook and flickr, people keep up with me a little bit more, make me accountable for my where abouts, so when friends wander off from these places, I truly miss them. I’ve always wondered if the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere celebrate their “summer” in winter so they can be gone when we are, or do they celebrate it the normal way, in their weather-spheric summer? I’d love to know! So with the summer half over, I think of poor Otis Redding, “sitting on a dock of the bay” just wasting time. I presume he watched a few sunsets over there in California, wishing someone, would buy his album, would enjoy his dream. A Georgia boy on the cusp of making it big, but tragically, he died in a plane crash before showing his full potential. And as I ramble on, (oh wait, I will save Led Zepplin for another day) I think the point is, in life, sadly, we all have deadlines. And for those sitting on some dock on some bay, wasting time, the third round of the Couturier’s Dock will close July 15th, so if you haven’t yet purchased your half off limited quantity items, you better. Quite a few are already closed, but some remain.

As I read my most recent Vogue magazine I was surprised they were giving a “sneak peek” of the Fall styles, but I suppose Fall is just around the corner for most of us. At this rounds Couturier’s Dock, [[LD]] Major has also chosen to give us a sneaky peek of their Fall line and it is, frankly sublime.  I purchased the “Stingray Chic” item and I was amazed when I unboxed the item, it not only includes the “nubby” black jacket with white accents, it includes the matching purse and pumps. By adding the Mon Tissu “westbury” skirt, Mandala jewelry, Hair from Tuty’s and a flower I found in inventory and colored red, I am thinking I am looking forward to Fall this year! It truly is a gorgeous jacket; I’d hate to see anyone miss out on this deal, because the piece is very multi-functional and dresses up or down but is fitted which always adds elegance.

My second outfit is Angels and Demons Creations (AD Creations) “Belly Mask.” I just love the originality and creativeness of Aliza Karu’s outfits! And for all you styling mavens out there, *Big Hint*, outfits like the ones from Aliza are excellent for using parts of for intense styling challenges between multiple designers. They always tend to work and play well with others and are definitely “outside the box” styling forward. I can think of at least five uses each for just the top, collar and head piece, so if you have looming challenges ahead, i.e. MVW competition, it might be a good time to create what I have labeled in inventory as a “really cool stuff” folder containing these outfits. All that was added to this look was the [GOS] boots and a couple of bracelets from Rozoregalia.


So if you are “wasting time” might as well check out what’s left at The Couturier’s Dock because come Sunday, the sun will have set on this round. Have a peaceful day! Here’s a carpet ride to The Couturier’s Dock:





AD Creations


Chantkare  *Sold out*





LibDescent Poses



Purple Moon

*SoliDea FoliEs*


 White Widow