I just love reading blogs, I truly do. And those lucky times I see a “must have” item I know all the following is worth it! One of the blogs I consistently follow is my good friend Linda Reddevil’s blog,  Recently on her blog she featured a handbag from Chic Zafari and I had one of those “whooooooaw” moments. Immediately I thought of the recent magazine article I wrote with Draakje about accessories and knew I needed to blog the “London” bag here as well. The point of the article was don’t always feel the focus of your outfit needs to be the outfit you have on, that often the accessories are so powerful on their own they compete with the outfit making a complete disaster of what you have on. So when accessorizing, always put on your critial eye and really cam over yourself to make sure there is no competing going on and if there is, decide whether you want to enhance the purse or the outfit because there is no rule of thumb that an outfit is more important than a remarkable accessory. So have fun!

Now, back to the hand bag itself, I remembered a shirt from C.Smit I had purchased so many months ago, having to have it after seeing it on the creator Cynthia Smit’s flickr account, and honestly I don’t think I ever even unboxed it because I went to inventory and it was gone. I know, “Bad Cao.” I have no excuse other than I need an answering machine on my IM box.. But the seed of imagination was born, so I dropped in and repurchased and began to dream and honestly, I can’t think of any place that screams iconic Rolling Stones rock star better than my friend Honey Bender’s Faster Pussycat. So while there I picked up the Tokyo Hotel Pant and the really awesome, heavy leather and studded belt, it even had skulls to match the bag. Woot! Win Win!

So for this blog, I have to shout a huge thanks to Linda for the idea, and a giant one to all of you as well, real life bloggers and Second Life blogger’s for the many ideas, tips and just plain smiles you all give me each day! Rock on!

Outfit One:

Handbag: Chic Zafari, London Bag http://secondlife//OGlam%20INC/59/62/22

Shirt:  C.Smit, Tee http://secondlife/Cynthia%20Smit%20Fashion/121/156/25

Pants: Faster Pussycat, Tokyo Hotel

Belt:  Faster Pussycat

Nails: Mandala

Hair:  Lelutka, Rykiel

Boots: [sYs]

Rings: Chic Zafari, Male ring