Pillow Trip

SLF by Landa Crystal

I have to admit it!  Ever since Edie and Rico – those wonder boys in SL – started the Stand4Love Campaign in Secondlife I have been in a very Hippie estate of mind.  Not just because I have always been considered a sort of Bohemian Chic Chick but because without the legacy of the counterculture a campaign like Stand4Love would have been impossible today.

Only those unfamiliar with the movement would  believe that Hippies  were about drugs and sloppiness.  True, the aspirations of  those we used to call Hippies were hindered by the massive,  uncontrolled and often dangerous drug use  and sexual experimentation of some.  Let me make it clear that I dislike all forms of chemical abuse including those of the Drugstore / Doctor variety.  I much prefer to take the long way home when it comes to expanding my consciousness and seeking  spiritual awareness.    Yoga and Mediation will…

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