With the patio doors open, I take my morning coffee out to the balcony to enjoy the gorgeously rising sun as it dances delightfully across the water, strewing diamond sparkles everywhere the light licks the undulating ocean. The entire show is orchestrated with the symphony of the waves and the majestic fly-by of the swooping pelicans. Looking below I see the occasional marsh hare, dark brown and furry, randomly munching grass and roots, the poor pauper gentlerabbit not realizing the value of the land he inhabits. The briny salt in the air calling to me, I wander into the house, put on a swimsuit , grab a coffee to go, my ever present novel, a towel,  sunscreen and wander down to the shore.

Opening my first suitcase, for my days on the beach I chose two bathing suits by Baiastice, “Panama” since it is very like something I wear in real life, so it brings me comfort  and the gorgeous “shechy flower.”  I thought this would be all for today, but then *SoliDea FoliEs* released the adorable “Pina Colada” and since I will probably imbibe this coconut-ty concoction during my vacation, perhaps I should playfully play the part! With a special thanks to Tiki Tattoo, their SIM is incredible, I now wander away for today, I hope you too will grab a swimsuit and hunker down in some tropical paradise in your corner of the world. I hope to see you tomorrow! ❤


Outfit One:

Swimsuit: Baiastice “panama”

Haku Lei: (pronounced Hah-koo)  TikiTattoo

Hairs:  Lelutka, “Cheryl”

Jewelry: [Mandala] Pearl Rain necklace and Hokusai bracelet


Outfit Two:

Swimsuit: *SoliDea FoliEs* “Pina Colada”

Hairs: Lelutka, “Belle”


Outfit Three:

Swimsuit: Baiastice, “Shechy flower”

Hairs: Vanity Hair, “2cute4U2”

Headpiece: LaGyo dandelion