simply faMESHed

Now to show off a summer sweet treat from Aura and even better, it’s an exclusive design released for the FaMeshed event. For more information about the FaMESHed monthly event, please visit the website at

Aura creator, Tyr Rozenblum, has some amazing skins but this blog is not about skins at all.  Nope, this is to show off this  perfect for summer sun dress and it is the “Summer Sun” shown in Banana!

Summer perfection and it comes in many colors and blends so I would get to the faMESHED event as soon as you are able and pick this and many other designer treats up while you are there!

*BAISTICE-Sami hair/AMOROUS-Simplicity earrings/FINESMITH-Diconay bracelet/AURA-summer sun dress-banana*