I love to model in Second Life. But like Edi, interior design is my passion. But unlike Edi, my home has been my labor of love for four years now. I have not moved, nor changed all that much, I simply tweaked things here and there. Every time I think I can rest for surely it is done now, I find something else to add. So you can imagine how flustered I must be, because now there is an entire magazine dedicated to SL Interior Design! My friend, the publisher extraordinaire, Pitsch Parx is responsible for this newest torture, and with the incredible photography of some of SL’s best, including Neva Crystal, I can’t get enough of this mesmerizing new magazine!  If you are nerdy like me and just find so much fun in colors and textures, pick up a copy today, I am sure you will find lots of inspiration within it’s hallowed bindings!  I know I sure did! For a small sample, check it out here:

Small peek of my home ❤