The Night is Darkening Around Me ~ Emily Bronte

I hope this doesn’t sound vain, I’m not vain a’tall, (least I certainly hope not) I would always help another person with anything I could, because my avatar is such a big part of my real world personality. It saddens me; recently it was brought to my attention that another model has my look and I mean, exact. I suppose I should be flattered, but honestly, it kind of hurts. We as models are taught, over and over, to create our own look, to be different from everyone else, because only in that way will you ever be a successful model. And, well, it’s difficult to say how, but as you lovingly create this “vision” of yourself in an avatar, the avatar, in some big way becomes a part of you, much the same as your real life heart is. If you look at the portfolio of Caoimhe, Cow as she is called by so many, and I don’t really mind, because the name kind of fits this gawky, rarely elegant avatar that is me, well when you look at her portfolio, Caoimhe has not changed. She didn’t try to copy others; she has always been who she is. I have always said Cao’s face is her “brand” much like a designer has a logo; Cao’s is her never changing face. And I have stood by this firmly, I was once asked to change my face (perhaps my nose, perhaps my eyes) if I joined an agency, and it was a time when I really wanted to be a part of an agency, but after much thought, I declined. I am not saying this is the way all models should act; I am just saying models need to set their own rules in regards to their careers. Create your own avatar, but please, please the stress is create your OWN, not someone else’s vision of beauty and self. It’s easy to be someone else, but make a big name for yourself by being YOUR own unique self. It would be quite a feat to outdo the original version of a model, I am not saying it can’t be done, I am just wondering if it would feel as successful if you had done it with someone else’s originality and not your own?

That said, as the week draws to a close, I choose to let the heartache and stress of the week disappear so I can focus on a relaxing summery weekend. I am going to wander away some, enjoy what is outside my door more than what is on my laptop screen. I hope you will all join me, have some air, feel some sunlight gently caressing your face. I could think of no other outfits that could possibly fit this slightly dark mood I am in than the wonderful creations of Miamai and my much adored Tableau Vivant . Miamai for their designs, and Tableau Vivant (French for Living Picture) I have used so many times for their poses and props. Both Monica Outlander of Miamai and Aida Ewing (Glam Affair (gorgeous skins!) and Tableau) and M4ri1yn Magic (Tableau Vivant) always seem to reach down deep to some distant chord in my soul. They bring out the mystical creativity that gets buried in the mundane and gives wings to my deeply buried childish heart. I wish I had their ability to express, but just want to say thank you for all you do to give my heart a voice! Find your inner magic, I’ve even included the ride: Tableau Vivant:  and Miamai:

Outfit One:

Miamai: Rapt

Petals: Tableau Vivant, Breaking Apart

Outfit Two:

Maimai:  Gauri

Bracelet: [Mandala]

Hairs: Boon