Recently I ran into Vivien Emerald of Desir, one of my fave designer friends, at the Miss Virtual World tryouts. Of course she was wearing an incredible dress she had created, I commented on it, and she oh so kindly gave me one! So, without further adieu, here is a revisit to Vivien’s boutique.


This gown, “Diana” is so retro-glam! The styling is simliar to the popular toga dress of the 1960’s with its pleated top and gorgeously pleated skirting. I am showing the dress in the full length version, but the the skirting is flexi, so it detaches to make the perfect cocktail dress. The dress is further accentuated with the black banding of the collar and the similar colored black flowers banding the waist. Everything about this dress is quite simply, stunning!  So if you have a function where you need to turn up the sophistication, this could be your gown! If its not, I am sure Desir has just what you are looking for!

While perusing the store to see if there were any “new” finds, I ran across an old find that is just as fashionable today as it was when released, so I couldn’t resist to buy it. Any dress named for my friend, the supermodel Kay Fairey, has to be above par! Desir’s “Kay” is an elegantly chic sleeveless black satin evening gown. The bodice is slimfitting to the body, tight across the knees with a slight flair just above the knees, almost a mermaid but with a little more movement in the legs. What makes this gown the scrumptious find that it is, is the gorgeous Asian detailing in the ukiyo-e “esque” floral patterns and matching sash and bow. Easy to complete such a stylish look, I simply added the Alienbear jewelry and this gorgeous “Lotus” hairs from Urban Lutz. Definitely an uber glam look that will bring all the attention straight to you.

If you have the time, stop by Desir and check out the many incredible dresses available! Without further adieu, your chariot awaits! http://slurl.com/secondlife/San%20Jose%20East1/160/122/23