Isadora is the newest arrival at Virtual Impression. And this jewelry is like your average prim jewels.. its MESH!!
Mesh as we know allows more true to life textures to be used in making anything in SL and Jewelry is just the latest area
A note from Chrissy at V.I.- is Isadora a Mesh Jewelry set with Diamonds and mix of gems as options. An evening set in 3 pieces, necklace & earrings or a bridal set including a tiara. 

Mesh jewelry uses fewer prims and more true to life textures.

(please ensure before buying your viewer can see mesh)

All sets are offered at over 50% off to group members this week, the singles being L$180 and the fat pack of all 4 in the collection at L$450, and wedding sets at L$390.

And check out that awesome sale price! This set is a stunner!!