Another Take On Love …

She searched for refuge at ¨Ce´s¨ home that New Years Day.    It was the very first time she visited her gay friend´s house.  She was perplexed at the amount of art that was to be found everywhere.  Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, Vintage Furniture & Valuable Pieces.  All of them with their own particular story.  The pieces came alive when Ce would tell her about them.

Given, the house´s decor was completely eclectic, but one kind of object in particular seemed to be everywhere.  Artistic photographs of the same woman seemed to repeat themselves everywhere she went.    On the walls, the hall, round tables.  On the mantel.   By his bed … A beautiful woman not older than 20.  Blonde.  Natural in her looks.  Elegant.  Simple jeans and white crisp shirts most of the time. Barefoot.

¨Ce, who is this lady?  she asked.  

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