Color Out of the Lines.

I just love the chance when I get to blog with a friend. I can’t tell you how honored I was when Kellis Denimore recently asked if I wanted to blog with her. She is such an incredibly fun person and the fact that she was taking the picture? Well, that was just the icing on the cake.  She let me choose what to blog and without much thought I knew I wanted to blog Loovus Dzevavor’s,  [[LD]] Major  Part of it was pure selfishness because I had been carrying a mini I was dying to blog, but part was because I just truly love the strong colors and impactful designs of the outfits. We ended up blogging the new romper but I saved some space at the end for the mini.

Vikeejeah Xevion  so kindly let us sneak around in her closets and pull out the latest release from [[LD]], the “Summer Days” romper. One look at these playful designs and I was in love. Do you ever look for something you can pull on to run around in with minimum fanfare and attention to accessories required? That would be these outfits! The bright colors and edgy designs require very little accoutrement. Simple and chicly elegant, that’s how I love my summer!

I just love clothes that I can “smell” and for some reason, in the summer, the more citrusy the better. The moment I saw this sleeveless, gorgeously orangey mini from [[LD]] Major, (“Jewel of India” in Tourmaline)  I had to whip out the wallet and throw in the Lindens.  I swear I can smell the orange peel every time I put it on. Yummy! For the choice of accessories, again, it was all easy breezy and put into detail down below. As an aside, this shoot was taken on location at Tunes Meness’s new location/beach/ fun park and the place is gorgeous. The playful little dolphin swam beside me, trying to get in all the pictures and hamming it up the entire time, and of course, the seagull refused to participate. So if you happen to be looking for a cool place to swim with the dolphins, check out 2Xtreme, and while you’re there, give flipper a kiss on the nose from me.

Outfit One( Kellis Denimore):

Outfit: Summer Days Romper 6  by [[LD]] Major

Shoes: Ashraya Pumps [Dye] by [[LD]] Major

Makeup: Ginger Chocolate Makeover by Mock

Hair: Yalli by CheerNo

Hairbase: Jet black by Vanity Hair

Lashes: 2011 lashes long by LeLutka

Nails: Finger Nails v1 by RatzCatz

Bracelet: Desert winds bracelet by Finesmith

Earrings: Desert winds earrings by Finesmith

Necklace: Desert winds necklace by Finesmith

Outfit One (Caoimhe):  

Outfit: Summer Days Romper 4 by [[LD]] Major

Hairs: Anais by Wasabi Pills

Shoes: YaXkin by Maitreya Gold

Nails: Naive Nails by Je Suis

Ring: Anuttra by Mandala

Necklace: Here Comes the Sun by Finesmith

Earring: Let it Drop by Finesmith

Outfit Two (Caoimhe):

Dress: [[LD]] Major, Jewel of India, Tourmaline

Hairs:  Maitreya *New*

Purse:  Tee*fy  Camera Bag, lime

Bracelets/Nails:  JeSuis

Ring:  Finesmith

Makeups:  [sYs]