[[LD]] Major: New Releases 6/15/2012

From – UrWorld – Group

Lot’s is happening with LD Major, Loovus Dzevavor’s sub-brand. We have 2 new releases this week that I think you’re really going to love. For all of our customers who have purchased items from our resort collection, you can now buy the shoes to match!

Available in all 22 patterns and 9 solid colors

Also, an addition to the resort collection, rompers!

These adorable mesh rompers come in 6 colors, in standard mesh sizing and yes, demos are available.


Last week’s releases:

Available in 9 colors

Available in 4 colors


Subscriber Gift:

You may be wondering where all of the gift adverts have gone when you walk into the store. In an effort to keep the entrance looking neat and tidy, The VIP Group gifts have been placed on the front desk in shopping bags and the subscriber gift is inside the subscribe sign on our media board. We hope you enjoy the renovations made to the store. Happy shopping!

Show us how you wear LD Major & Loovus Dzevavor. Join our Flickr Group and post photos of you earing our products:

Have a Great Weekend!
Vikeejeah Xevion & LoovusDzevavor
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