Kungler’s  has come out with some more dazzling jewelry and incredible designs in recent weeks, This gown I am wearing,  “Ngozi” (ala supermodel Ngozi Faith), is incredible with its demure underskirting and ruffled over skirting. The colors, gorgeous enough to make a peacock jealous, the tightly molded, sleeveless bodice fashionable and elegant. Such a gorgeous design needs very little accessory, but the “Nghtbloom” set matched the colors to perfection so I just couldn’t pass it up. Topped with Vanity Hair’s “Sinahi“, the look becomes glamorously formal.

As always, Kungler’s doesn’t hang its hat on “just” gowns, or “just” jewelry, they cater to our casual needs as well. I am wearing the “Tina and Sara” pants and shirt, both mesh, so mesh enabled viewer required, but both filled with such chic detail, I don’t know how anyone could live without them. The pants are fitted and the top loosely ruffled in a scarving type cut, the range of colors means you will always find your “it” color. The entire look perfect for casual to semi formal events. I completed my look with the “Bambu” necklace, also from Kunglers, and “Roma” patent leather shoes from Similar Italian” and again, Vanity Hair If you get a chance, check out all the new items available at Kunglers, I know you will be glad you did! Taxi: