I Never Saw a Purple Cow;

never hope to See One; But I can Tell you, Anyhow, I’d rather See than Be One ~ Frank Burgess

It’s always a milestone when a business in Second Life last’s for any length of time, sometimes it’s hard to be noticed on a city sidewalk, let alone somewhere out in cyberspace, so Chic Management deserves a huge congratulations! They have reached the two year milestone! To celebrate, they decided to let US have the “perks.” The Chic2 venue is a small “grass roots” event that will be ongoing from June 3rd to June 25th, 2012. The great thing about small is there isn’t a lot of moving about to do. I am sure you all have been to those huge laggy Behemoth’s where you crash more than buy? When I checked out the venue on Sunday, I didn’t even have to move, I just panned my camera around perusing from a stationary position, buying and picking up things as I went along. The best part of the event? Of the almost 150 designers, each brand will have one new and exclusive item with a Chic theme. So dust off those stilettos, carry a huge carry-all and go get some of these unique, must have items! It’s going to be fun, I’ve even called the taxi for you: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/147/114/2503

No big secret, I just love Poulet Koenkamp of Purple Moon Creations, having worked with her several times through the past year, but honestly? Any friendship aside, I love Purple Moon because the clothes are consistently of good quality. This outfit, “Chica” is the offering for the Chic2 event and I chose to show off the outfit in purple. The pants are a wool blend with six button detailing and the top, is a sleeveless and summery, loosely fitting tube. This is the perfect outfit for a day with friends or shopping. Chic styled and simply perfect.

Since it is a purple flavored day, my second outfit is from Koketka, the “Sara” dress. What an adorable dress this is! Filled with enough playfulness it makes me want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, hiking or sightseeing with friends. The mini is softly form-fitting, and delightfully shouldered on one side only. Perfect for a younger up and coming hip crowd event.

I hope you get a chance to stop by the Chic2 event, I had a grand time and found lots of really groovy things! Have a beautyful week! =**

Outfit 1:

Shirt and Pants: [PM] Purple Moon Creations Chic2 *NEW* Lip Gloss: Pekka, Chic2 *New* Hairs: Vanity Hair Shoos: Nardcotix Nails: Je Suis

Outfit 2:</strong> Dress: Koketka, Sara Chic2 *NEW* Nails: Je Suis Hairs: Osmose