Peepin Pipins

It’s Pipins time again..  And this time I have the pleasure to introduce two fantastic products in one shot…
Pipins – Solene Skin Medium (Black Eyebrows)

Pipins – Yolande Hair Mixs

This hair has a texture changer script. The hair itself is in two separate parts. The main hair and the loose parts which flow from the main part.

 The textures are separated in two options : the “plain hair” part, and the “edge hair” part. This allows you to combine the colours is many different ways. Each hair part has 6 tones.

The jewels in the hair are texture changed also. You can change either the metal or the gemstones.Pipins Skins come in 7 tones packs

Each pack has options like cleavage or no cleavage, hairbase or no hairbase.

2 Custom shapes are made for each skin, one designed by Aphrodite Brianna, one by Angiliak Crystal.

Undoubtedly another couplet of stunning sensuality from the creative minds of Angiliak Crystal and Aphrodite Brianna at Pipins