The sentinel of forewarning. The Magistrate stands out, she watches the skyline for those all to familiar signs of war.

Be ready for any court or castle hall wearing this stunning gown of rich earthy tones and fleur de lis accents. It’s all about the details and this gown has them all. Every piece a work of art. Low neckline with a golden corset peeking through, belted waist with tabbed skirt top, split seamed sleeves with golden insets, high back collar and ruffled neck, tapestry panels front and back and a single layer skirt for simplistic elegance. Radiant!!
Taken in The White Armory’s Knighlife Area
Jewelry and Weaponry not included. The Weaponry is The Heraldric Calvary NON COMBAT Rp set available for 99L and these cannot be drawn are for looks only!