Sheer Elegance from Azul

The colour of this gown is “Benitoite” which is the colour of a rare rich blue mineral. Finding material of this colour cannot have been easy but Mami managed it 🙂 The gown is lovingly cut from silk of this most unusual, but very attractive colour.





The figure-hugging top is cut quite low over the bustline, was a bit of a squeeze to get in but once I did, it fitted to perfection. the skirt is almost an overlaid one, crafted from fine lace of the same benitoite shade.Its floor-length and swirls quite beautifully, perfect for an evening out dancing, a dinner date or just for those days when you want to feel like a queen.  





The gown is also supplied with these lush black silk opera gloves and a black silk bow that can be worn either as a belt or as an applique under the bustline.





Gown – Malaga Benotoite – Azul

Hair – Black Tie Affair Blonde – Shag

Jewellry – Shavonne Elite – Zuri Rayna

Shoes – Femme Nior Intense – NCore

Eyeshadow – Glamorous Blue – Ricielli

Lipstick – Dark Vibrant Red – Izzie’s