More reasons to love summer

OK, OK when it comes to shopping, my friends say I have lots of will-power, but no won’t power I bought the dress I blogged yesterday, loved it so I went back and made Xanadu a little bit wealthier and bought the other two. Oops……………..hey I’ve had a mad fortnight what with shows and contests, I needed a little retail therapising.


First up is the “Springtime” dress, here I bought it in the delicate rose shade.




The pale pink silk strappy top has a very subtle sheen to it, decorated over the right breast with pink silk flowers. The skirt is a delight to wear, flowing, ankle length and catches the light quite beautifully. The whole ensemble, to me anyway, screamed summer evening cocktail party and I think I’ll wear it just for that. One of my recent favourites, thanks Xanadu 🙂


Styling :


Dress – Springtime Rose – Xanadu

Hair – Rumour Light Blonde 10 – Elikatira

Shoes – Venezia red – Sim-I-Lar

Makeup – Evian Shadow Duo No 6 – Egoisme

Jewellry – French Kiss Elite – Zuri Rayna

Ring – Fritillaries Pink – Chop Zuey




The second summer dress I found is the gorgeous”Summer Chic”, again I chose the rose shade. 






This dress has such rich and deep colours in the skirt which fade into a pale pink fitted top with straps over the shoulders. There is an accent at the waist of 2 V-shaped bands, subtly coloured in white, pink and pale green. The skirt itself is, again, ankle length with lustrous shades of mauves, rose and raspberry. It floats like a dream on the slightest movement, the skirt swirls quite beautifully. So, if you need anything for a walk in the woods, along the beach or an evening out, these could be perfect.


Styling –


Dress – Summer Chic in Rose – Xanadu

Hair – Over Light Blonde 10 – Elikatira

Jewellry – All Glam Precious Stones – Lazuri

Makeup – Temptress Blue – Face Paint


And of course, your taxi:)