With the SL wedding season in full swing, I just love the chance to blog bridal gowns, especially gowns that don’t fit the “Bridal” norm. I have that today with ~AtaMe~’s Eclipse Bridal gown.

The Designer, Milu Laval had the fantastic idea to do a bridal gown out of diamonds!

“A diamonds wedding dress seemed pretty fantastic to me and didn’t rest while it wasn’t made. Just at the process I realized a more simple gown, without the long tail could work pretty nice too.” she says.
So instead of just one gown in this bag, there’s two, with and without the train! And for the more daring, optional pastie layers as well.
Thank you Milu for the opportunity to blog this gown for you..its fantastic!

~AtaMe~’s Eclipse Bridal
Emo-tion’s Lyra Hair 
Alienbear Mimmi Jewelry
CandyNail-Silver Sheer
Madrid Solo-Art Deco makeup

Your Ride to ~AtaMe~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red%20Light%20Center/92/179/502