I know you guys have seen me blog The White Armory quite at bit. Only because this is my style of fashion. I love medieval clothing, I love vintage and I love playing around as the Priestess of Avalon…aka the Lady of the Lake with my RP friends.
Today, I’m modeling The Contessa..yes AGAIN! I love this gown!

So now you see it and you’re saying “OMG BEE STOP MAKING SUCH BEAUTIFUL GOWNS!!” well the answer to that is NO!
I know for a fact we are getting a new gown soon named The Lady of Avalon *smirks and giggles*

So what I”m wearing is:
The White Armory’s Countess gown
Hair-Tukinowaguma Arashi Ebony
Nails-Candynail Metal G Red
Jewelry-Alienbear Vera Vanessa Red and Gold necklace, earrings tiara
Shoes-R2 Mahealani Red black
Makeup!-BOOM! Lipwax Ruby, Blacklace Beauty Smoky Shadows 7

Your Carriage to the White Armory