The Spring is here and the wedding season has started! Love is all around us! 

PurpleMoon is announcing the release of two gowns made for the wedding of a dear couple, Keira Soulstar and Shady Mistwalker.
Keira’s gown inspired in her own ideas and dreams about her wedding gown. Lots of lace and details all over with some vintage flavor that we both love. Includes two option for the veil !

lso designed the gowns for her bridesmaids, named and inspired after her lovely grand mother, Christina Rose. 
This is a very simple, classic and delicate gown. It makes it perfect for your friends in your wedding, they will look lovely and their simplicity allow the bride to stand out. It is also a great gown to have some fun styling, the possibilities are endless!

Colors available are: Cherry, Orange, Pink, Hazelnut, Lavender and Gold!