The “Ashraya Exclusive” from NyuConcepts

Raising money for charity in any shape of form is a passion of mine. Having worked with deprived children in Central Africa in RL, I know how much of a difference charities make to the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of children.


When Anna Sapphire announced the Ashraya Project, I was keen to go and contribute, OK, OK  I went shopping 🙂


When I was wandering, this dress, the “Ashraya Exclusive” from NyuConcepts leapt on me and wouldn’t let me go till I bought it.







Its been said of me I have lots of will-power but absolutely no won’t-power – OK, guilty as charged I suppose, but how can you resist this? A beautiful mesh creation, delicate pink fading from the hem to purest white on the bodice. A single-sided collar is also subtly shaded with pink fading to white, so it really is a single-shoulder type of dress. The fabric is closely-fitted with great detailing with shadows and folds, I just love the whole thing, very me 🙂


The dress comes in the normal 5 standard mesh sizes with an alpha layer to cover any naughty bits that should not show up. It’s for a great cause, so go track one down:)




Dress _ Ashraya Exclusive – NyuConcepts

Shoes – Coquette White – N-Core

Hair – Listen Light Blonde 10 – Elikatira

Necklace and earrings – Sophistique – je suis

Ring – Pink Fritillaries – Chop Zuey 

Eyeshadow – Flatter My Eyes Pink – BOOM

Lipstick – Soft Kisses 5 – Madrid Solo

Bag – Croco handbag Pink – Coco