A Summer Cat on a Hot Tin Roof …

We  named her ¨Lobby¨.   That´s her name.

Lobby is the stray cat that the entire building, were I live,  has adopted as their own.   We feed her, pet her, take care of her needs.   Yet, she remains independent and refuses to live with any of us.   She lives at … the Lobby.

Oftentimes she will wonder up but never will she go inside your apartment.     When I get home she is almost always sleeping on the hood of the hottest car she can find.   She will open her eyes and motion for me to caress her.   I adore her.   When she looks at me she makes me feel a connection not only to her but also to the entire universe.     Her coloring is that of bigger, wilder cats.   Gold, White and Black.    If she were a human she would look like the snapshots in this post.

As thoughts of summer and the African desert ignite the inspiration of RL designer labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli and Blumarine, the dreams extend over to FW 2012/13.   Check it out as it is a trend that constantly comes and goes.   The trend is interpreted in SL by Lush, in sexy Mesh.    What kind of cat are you ?  or shall I ask … What kind of Human would  you be?

xoxo, Landa

Afrika Calling

Number One

Heat Wave Blushed

Style Card

Lush DRESS- MINI TOP & RAWR Dress Skirt

Lush Cosmetics: Ginger Hair Base

Lush Cosmetics: winehouse liner Lush Cosmetics: Crayon Lip (blue)