22769 at Culture Shock

SL Bio-Diversity and Other Flora and Fauna

By Landa Crystal

UrWorld is an appropriate name for a site that caters to the ever changing and growing SecondLife World.     An ever-expanding world giving a  whole new meaning to the idea of remote work groups.    If during one of my professional incarnations in my current RL lifetime I was managing an international group in approximately 10 different countries within close time zones , in my SL job we are a team made up of people from all over the place and different time zones.   In spite of the challenge we have communicating with one another – half is asleep while the other half works – some in RL – some in SL – we have managed to somehow, make it work.

With all its flaws, Secondlife,  has made it possible thru Internet technology,  to spur the benefits and potential that a multicultural and diverse synergy can bring.   Opening our minds to other realities, cultures and languages.   Expanding our world conscience as it actually becomes smaller .   UrWorld is our world !

Desert Sands


Afrikan Dreams

Styling Card

All Clothing by 22769


Femme Mini-Skirt

Spring Top in Indian Fire

Headwrap – The Badu

Jewelry – Osakki (no longer available)

Afro Hair – Tuty


Culture Shock will be open until May 26th.  They  have a script gate at the landing point so you must be wearing 50 scripts or less to gain enterance.