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Yes same one & half seater chair, same animations, new textures. Seriously on this piece  I’m indifferent to creating an entire new style of chair. They look great in so many different room contexts , the  animations are perfect. So I’m content to reupholster in something fabulous and new that you can use to repaint or restyle areas inexpensively in your space. Yes same price.

Great talking piece, very adult in a non sleazy way. Yum yum

My design entirely, though inspired by an old black & white movie I viewed some months ago. In this instance the camera panned through an Army camp, the place was an abject misery. Cuts to scene in high ranking Officers tent. There sits this chest/cabinet with as much fancy as you can muster. The irony amused me.  I’ve quite messed with the premise and added facets of Japanese  lacquerware in the cabinet finish. Couple that with highlighted gold leaf interiors and surreal almost deco door cabinetry patterns makes for a pretty exotic fusion .  There’s quite a history behind the premise of luxury items of this nature. Possibly my most meticulous work to date.

Mine share the following characteristics, ornate handles, doors that open and close on touch, drawers that open and close and a genuine selection of interesting objects with the potential to be useful. I did however break with tradition and add a single pose so you can sit comfortably on one and chit chat. The cabinets will be sold as copy and no where near as expensive as they look.

I mustered up some trinkets you can add to start your own special collection and you’ll find them boxed (though not linked) to the Cabinet (which is copy).

Varying Linen Styles.
Varying Sets of Prop Glasses.
Beautiful Stack of Books.

NOTE : Fancy Handles are  MESH content. If you’re not using a mesh based viewer or prefer not to have mesh content, feel free to drop me a notecard order and I’ll edit a handle free version for you. Pity though !

It’s a good start. Drinks tray seen pictured will be released later in the week. I need to trick that up with a few scripts yet. Blue and white china arrangement from prior Raffles release and available at Patron if you don’t already own it.