Free Gowns! No Way! The White Armory’s group gifts!

A Week of White Armory

If you’ve never set foot into The White Armory (or TWA to its fans) then you are missing out on the biggest and best Medieval store in Second Life.
Bee Dumpling and Colton Dreschler make not only the finest gowns in Second Life.. they also make some pretty amazing weaponry.
Each Week on Sunday, Bee puts out a gown FREE to the group members of The White Armory. Can you imagine that? Just for being part of their group, you get a free gown every week! How amazing is that!

This weeks free gown is the Titiana! And I just loooove it!

Featured in this photo!

The White Armory Titiana Gown
Hair-Emo-tions Symphonia Black
Nails-Candy Nail Silver Shine
Makeup-R.icelli Gorgeous Makeups #1&6
Shoes-R2 Kahaki white
Jewerly-Finesmith Grace

Here’s your ride to The White Armory-