The Trench Coat is a sign of Professionalism

I love those men who wear the long trench coats, I think it’s an item of clothing that will always look good on the gentleman. Especially here in the UK, they are super popular for the ultra suave city businessman and even the young and trendy 20 something fella. To me, it’s a sign of professionalism, Style and will always be a classic!

This item is not really new, however today was my first time really wearing it, so thought I’d style something with it as I saw someone wearing it RL today. Thanks for Hoorenbeek, who continue to make quality mens mesh items, this is just another in the collection.


HOORENBEEK Beige MESH Trenchcoat

AOHARU grey Turtleneck

MANDALA Karma Necklace


HOORENBEEK Yorkshire Shoes (Brown)

SHAG Stroked Hair

DIRAM Armelle Diva Glasses

MR.POET Backpack

And a Starbucks from Sue at the Canteen