EGOISME – New Male Skin

From – UrWorld – Group

AVAILABLE from 20th April 2012 at Egoisme Main store, Evian building

Glamour and emotive, Axel is the stunning guy you want to become, sensual shape deep and sad eyes,  soft silky skin to caress everyday.

Get a new emotions, create your new second life in a different way, being  exclusive and unique, with all the options included in the Axel fat pack.

Create your own style, be the wonderful man you deserve to be!

Axel is created by Brox Riaxik, one of the greatest skin designers of Second Life and now part of Egoisme Limited!
The best skins of secondlife  meet the Egoisme technology to give you all the best! New vividtone systems, many exclusive addons and different beards, tintable and non, to customize your appareance.